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High quality handmade quiet book with images and letters. Quiet book is made of cotton, images and letters of felt. The letter is sticked by adhesive tape, it can be sticked to quiet book and unsticked of quiet book as much times as your kid wants. The last page of the quiet book is left empty to have a space where your kid can assemble syllables and words. On the back cover of the quiet book there is pocket to collect letters and other items. Each letter has its own image – a word which begins with the respective letter: A – apple, B – bee, C – cat, D – dolphin, E – egg, F – frog, G – giraffe, H – hedgehog, I – ice cream, J – jacket, K – key, L – lion, M – moon, N – nail, O – octopus, P – parachute, Q – quad, R – rocket, S – snake, T – tree, U – umbrella, V – vase, W – watch, X – xylophone, Y – yacht, Z – zipper.

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