Seven ways to celebrate lockdown Christmas

For the majority of people Christmas holidays are related to home and family, meaning that home is the best place to spend the most beautiful celebration of the winter. This year staying home only with your closest ones is extra significant. In the case of covid positive situations, some families have even decided to celebrate Christmas separately. Nevertheless, Christmas 2020 is not cancelled! However, no doubt, celebrations will be different and there will be a lot of people spending whole Christmas holidays alone. That’s why we would like to provide you with some ways to celebrate quarantine Christmas.

Bake and decorate Christmas cookies

Baking Christmas cookies is a wonderful activity no matter if you are spending holidays alone or with your closest family. It demands focusing and by this all the bad thoughts are cleared of the mind. As a result you have tasty cookies and delicious aroma at your home. Especially if you have children – they will adore baking of Christmas cookies because they just love to play with cookie cutters and to test dough, sugar icing, and, of course, cookies as well!

Meet Santa

Christmas is a time of miracles! Just believe it! One of the miracles is meeting with Santa. In ordinary times it was quite usual to meet Santa at work, kindergarten and school, some families even had Santa’s visit at their homes. This year everything is different. Why not arrange a video call, letter with cinnamon and ginger aroma or meeting with Santa in the nearest park or forest? Especially for children, meeting Santa could be one of the best events of the holidays!

Decorate your home with Christmas lights

Majority of us spend more time at home than ever. So, decorate your daily environment and create positive feelings and Christmas mood for yourself and family. All types of lights are recommended to use as there is winter solstice during Christmas and on that time we face the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Additional lights will also help to keep energy up and maintain positive thinking. For children Christmas lights will prosper imagination and let them see winter wonderland at their own home! If you have enough time and feel inspired, don’t be afraid to do Christmas decorations by your own hands, this will be a magical time spent together with all your family!

Read a Christmas book

Reading a book is always a good idea, it lets you feel cozy and relaxed. If the smell and taste of Christmas cookies, mulled wine or ginger tea is added, then you can feel the Christmas spirit to the full extent. If you have children, let them choose which book to read. Discuss the story afterwards and stage a short play with Christmas celebration where the main roles are assigned to your kids favourite toys.

Organize a virtual Christmas party

If pandemia rules the world, and it is not allowed to meet face to face, you can host a virtual Christmas celebration! Do a list of your quests and send everyone a Zoom link or if your closest ones are used to WhatsApp or Skype, use these, no need to embrace new tools. Make sure everybody prepares some snacks and drinks as well as be ready to act as a conversation starter. You can organize contests with online voting of various things – the best outfit, the best decorations, the most consistent family look etc. Be creative and think of your own nominations!

Visit a socially distanced outdoor event

Check information provided by your local municipality or if you are allowed to travel locally, check also neighbouring municipalities, even in ordinary Christmas they used to offer celebration events. This year these events are different but they still are – whether it is the performance of Santa, decorated Christmas tree, holiday market or various expositions of lighting. You will have a possibility to take a walk as well as catch Christmas feeling!

Enjoy snow in Christmas

Snow, especially at Christmas, is expected by everybody – kids and grown ups. The reason might be because we are having less and less snowy winters as well as snow is assigning a special winter and Christmas feeling. If you are lucky and have an opportunity to experience white Christmas, go outside! Especially kids will be happy to sledge, skate or ski. Everybody will enjoy making a snowman.

Merry Christmas to everyone! 🎄🌟❄️


Three tips for getting ready for kindergarten

End of August comes with changes to many families. It may feel even as the beginning of a new era for those who start their kindergarten or preschool (in different countries the education system may differ as well as terms used). Even for those who continue kindergarten, preschool or interest education after summer break, #backtoschool period is not easy – mainly, due to changes in daily routines and daily logistics.

This August our family feels very special, because our youngest kid will start to attend kindergarten. That’s why I paid additional attention on how to get ready for kindergarten to foster an adaptation process as effortless as possible for everybody. So, as a result I got the following tips for myself:

Daily routine

Adjust your daily routine to the same as it will be in the school year. It includes everything – morning routine, outside activities routine, meal routine, wash hands routine – everything should be very similar to the routine what your kid will have during the school year. Here I mean not only activities but also time – your kid has to be used to waking up in the early mornings already before the start of school year.

Self service skills

Teach and acquire self service skills – potty time, getting dressed and undressing. Provide clothes with zippers instead of buttons and shoes with clips instead of cords, because it will be much easier for little fingers to operate then and your kid’s teacher will be grateful to you. Teach eating skills as well – the best it could be taught if you have a meal routine established at home – the child will be keen on repeating the same thing what other family members do – hold spoon, take food with it and move it into the mouth. Be patient, while teaching this! I know, during this period your dining room becomes your home’s cleanest spot because you have to clean even several times during every meal. Keep calm, soon your patience will bear fruit and you will be able to eat from your own plate alone, while watching how your kid eats independently.

Explaining and telling

Explain to your kid, what does it mean to go to kindergarten, how would this be in reality, what other family members will do, what the child is expected to do. If possible, try to introduce your toddler with other kids who will be in kindergarten as well as with location and teacher. If it is not possible to enter inside, just walk along the building and tell what is going on in a certain time period. Remember, keep it simple!

Good luck! 🙂 If you have any other tips, I would be more than happy to read any of them in comments!


Four habits of effective time management

In Eastern Europe people say that women are a weak gender. However, reality is completely different – women are mothers, wives, employees and even businessmen. How to manage all these roles daily? At the same time to stay a woman and not to lose yourself? That’s hard! I personally struggle with this each day. Every day is as a new juggling test for me. Nevertheless, disregarding successes in juggling, sometimes at the end of day I feel like time has disappeared. Besides, to-do list has become just a bit shorter. Moreover, new to-dos have appeared accidentally. In order to feel not killed by to-do list at the end of the day, I have discovered four habits of effective time management:

Plan your tasks and time

I have a daily diary and a to-do list for week. During Sunday or Monday (depends when I get a spare minute in silence), I mark the most important ones and those which definitely should be done during this week. Then I separate between tasks, which I am able to do together with kids (for example, food shopping, home cleaning, laundry, cooking) and those, which I need an individual time.

Shop online

I am used to buying food online, because it saves time and my energy as well as money. It takes only 15 minutes, besides, it is easy to sort promoted goods, it is easy to buy the same items repeatedly – just create a cart of your most often purchased items. So, you just have to click some additional stuff you need extra. In most cases it is possible to have delivery the same day after a couple hours. Moreover, if you reach a limited sum of cart, delivery is free. Isn’t it cool, instead of carrying all the food packages yourself and looking after kids at the same time? Moreover, shopping online clothes or footwear has never been so comfortable as now because of free return within 14 days. I’m even buying lingerie online but just because I prefer only a couple models of some producers, I mean, I have firstly tried them in a physical store and afterwards continue to buy online.

Plan unplanned

There are some categories of unplanned occasions – illnesses of kids and family members, invitations to birthday parties,shortage of certain foodstuff or cosmetics, lack of appropriate clothes for kids because they again have grown out of overall or footwear. Believe me, even these unplanned things you can plan if you think in advance. Keep basic medicine at home (like noise drops and throat spray) and follow up the amount of savings. When you notice something appropriate as a present for your kids’ friends or your friends, buy it, you will be prepared for an unexpected invitation. Follow the residuals of foodstuff and cosmetics, so you will protect yourself from the situation when pancakes are baked but jam is over or your hairs are wet but shampoo bottle is empty. Do not miss seasonal changes, think beforehand about needed clothes and footwear for your kids, take it as an ordinary thing that kids need new clothes and footwear each season, so at least four times a year!

Focus on the most important

When you have your individual time, focus on the most important actual issue. If this is your emotional harmony, do whatever makes you feel happy – read a book, go for a walk, watch a movie, knit or crochet 🙂 If this is cooking or any other household task, switch on a music and do it now! In case it is some work tasks, focus only on them. Assign the available time slot for each task and strictly observe it. You will be surprised, how efficient you can become in conditions of limited time.

What are your habits of effective time management? Feel free to share in comments!


Hi here!

Hi everybody! I am Guna – a founder of I am also a wife to my husband and mom of two kids – 6 years old daughter and 1 year old son. Besides, I am also a woman. Since I remember myself, I have had a passion for writing and crafts. When I was a teen girl, I wrote a diary. I trusted my thoughts, my doubts and my emotions to the leaves of the diary because I knew it will stay between us two. Now I am a grown up woman and I start a blog. Today my goal is completely different than before. I would be glad to provide a content my audience likes and engages with. Hopefully each post will give you useful take away. I will write about everything what might be useful for parents – for example, how to grow up happy kids, how to entertain and educate them, how not to loose yourself in plenty of daily duties, how to balance between all various women’s roles. That is why, the title of blog is #Parenting. I keep this space open for every parent, I will be glad for comments as well as for quest bloggers. If you feel you would like to become a quest blogger, feel free to contact me.

How did I start handmade?

My first touch with crafts was already since childhood – I remember I was “sewing” dresses for my “dolls”. As my childhood was during Soviet times (and it means empty shelves of shops) I was happy to have small doll (called as пупсик in Russian). My mom had various small cloths I was let to use and cut. And I with pleasure did it, so my pupsik had fashion show almost each day 🙂 Later on there started housekeeping lessons in school, believe it or not, I was taught knitting, crocheting, sewing and even macrame. I had never tried any of these activities before but I got very excited. Afterwards I did my first apron, scarf, sweater, mittens and skirts. I remember even my dad and mom wore my hats, scarfs and even sweaters! Then teenage years started and I grew very tall. Still Soviet times were present and no comfortable clothing was available in shops for girls of my size. Then I started to sew for myself just to have something I feel comfortable and in my size. And so it started. I even tried leather crafts. Many notepads, some bags and belts were crafted. Then I started studies in university as well as full time work and there remained less and less time for crafts.  During the same time Latvia became independent again and step by step goods returned in the shelves of shops.

Do I still handmade anything?

After 15 years when I was expecting my first kid, I crocheted newborn booties for her. Funny, but my daughter wore these newborn booties only for couple days, because she got born with 4.2 kg (148.2 oz) weight, besides, it was hot Latvian summer. Then my next try to return to crafts was when my daughter was  5-6 months old, but it was fiasco. As she was poorly slept during nights, I tried to have day nap together with her when it was possible. At least I was not able to knit and at the same time have baby around me. Couple times it ended up with pulled out needle and with total crush of my motivation. Next time came when she was almost two years old, I decides to knit a jacket for her. And I did it!!! But I did a fantastic mistake as well! I put it to wash into washing machine just before button attaching. So my daughter’s teddy bear got a knitted jacket 🙂 And then I realized that choice of proper washing and ironing mode is important as well. As a mom, who cannot imagine my life without washing machine (however, I remember my childhood without it), I started to pay attention that some knitwear does maintain shape and look after being washed in washing machine, while other should be thrown out immediately. Unbelievable, but completely new world discovered to me – various fibers and as a result various treatments and different prices, too.

So I got here where I am now! Of course, there have been some more or less successful tries to take knitting or crocheting needles, I have sewed some masks for my daughter to participate in several occasions held in kindergarten as well. I have even graduated sewing courses and got a diploma I am a professional dressmaker!

Marketplace for handmade

An idea about marketplace for handmade was in my head already long, long time (even before Etsy was born). It came and then went away. And so it happened for several times. When I was expecting my second kid I got a feeling – now or never! So, I decided – now! More you can read in webpage’s section About us.

See this video – in cooperation with E-commerce queen bee, where I share my experience with other e-commerce moms.