About Us

Forkids.love sells handmade goods for your kids. Doesn’t matter is your kid newborn or teenager, we serve them both – handmade for kids with love!

Forkids.love is family business, started in our kitchen, when there were only couple weeks left till birth of our second child. Honesty, quality and love is what matters to us and we work a lot to pass these qualities to our customer. Welcome to meet us:

Mommy Guna – partnership with handicraftsmen, sales, marketing, customer service;
Daddy Gints – product photos, warehouse management and logistics;
Daughter Gerda – assistant, model;
Son Gvido – came into our family very recently, in future he will join to our team as one more assistant and model.

Forkids.love team

If you would like to reach our team, please, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service. We would love to hear from you!